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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F23
Baynes, Evan ?, Hannah   Young 
2 F27
Baynes, Frederick ?, Ann   Young 
3 F24
Baynes, Sydney William ?, Elizabeth   Young 
4 F28
Baynes, William Horace Hodgson, Katie Clarinda   Young 
5 F08
Baynes, William Horace Edmonds, Finnetta 6 Aug 1859 Bloomsbury, London  Young 
6 F46
Brooksbank, James Edmonds, Mary Ann 3 Feb 1844 St Dunstan in the West, London  Young 
7 F47
Brooksbank, Walter Lamplugh Greenwell, Mary Ann Madeleine 8 Aug 1877 St Mary the Less, Durham  Young 
8 F22
Edmonds, Herbert Frederick Cooper, Alice Ann 1894 St. Giles, London  Young 
9 F06
Edmonds, Thomas Tarrant, Rebecca 18 Aug 1819 St Mary, Bromley St Leonard, London  Young 
10 F05
Edmonds, Thomas William Baynes, Ella 14 Dec 1852 The Parish Church, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, London.  Young 
11 F8
Edmonds, Thomas William Coppen, Emily 1883 Pancras London  Young 
12 F9
Edmonds, Thomas William Coppen, Bertha Amelia 1889 Hanover Square, London  Young 
13 F4
Gardener, John Alexander Young, Emma Elizabeth 1883 St Mary's Sculcoates, Yorkshire  Young 
14 F1
Holland, Henry Young, Ann Elizabeth 1874 Tendring, Essex  Young 
15 F35
Jackson, Robert ?, Alice Ann   Young 
16 F34
Jackson, Samuel ?, Betsey   Young 
17 F36
Jackson, Samuel Sarah   Young 
18 F26
Jackson, Thomas Marshall, Mary   Young 
19 F30
Jackson, Thomas Hollingshead, Ann 21 Nov 1809 Horncastle, Lincolnshire  Young 
20 F31
Marshall, Richard    Young 
21 F45
Nutman, Robert Champion Baynes, Lillian Halton 15 Nov 1883 Kensington, London  Young 
22 F11
Reynard, James Jackson, Anne   Young 
23 F03
Rhenard, James Cook, Jane   Young 
24 F25
Rhenard, James Jackson, Anne   Young 
25 F44
Tarrant, Benjamin Watts, Hanna 12 Jun 1782 Faringdon, Berkshire  Young 
26 F39
Tarrant, Jonathan Hussey, Rachel 13 Oct 1770 Highworth, Wiltshire  Young 
27 F42
Tarrant, Leonard Cox, Ann 29 Dec 1745 Great Faringdon, Berkshire  Young 
28 F41
Tarrant, Leonard Higgs, Mary 25 Sep 1820 Loncott, Berkshire  Young 
29 F43
Tarrant, William Ricks, Mary 17 Oct 1767 Great Coxwell, Berkshire  Young 
30 F32
Wray, James Jackson Marshall, Elizabeth 1854 Pocklington, Yorkshire  Young 
31 F38
Wray, Samuel ?, Sara A   Young 
32 F29
Wray, Thomas Jackson, Elizabeth Ann 13 Aug 1808 Goodmanham, East Yorkshire  Young 
33 F33
Wray, Thomas Jackson Unknown 1907 Fylde, Lancashire  Young 
34 F37
Wray, William ?, Mary   Young 
35 F04
Young, Frederic James Reynard Edmonds, Ella Edith 10 Sep 1896 Tottenham Court Road Congregational Chapel, London  Young 
36 F48
Young, Frederic William Reynard Brewer, Kathleen Sep 1931 Sculcoates, Hull, Yorkshire  Young 
37 F16
Young, Frederick William Howlett, Constance May 14 Dec 1912  Young 
38 F2
Young, George Trussell, Emily 1882 Sculcoates Register Office  Young 
39 F3
Young, George H Levitt, Dora Gertrude 1908 Sculcoates Register Office  Young 
40 F13
Young, Robert Farnill, Mary 23 Mar 1857  Young 
41 F02
Young, Robert Jackson Wray Kirkham, Wilfreda Maud 15 Oct 1932 Shirebrook, Mansfield  Young 
42 F17
Young, Ronald Ernest Twydale, Florence   Young 
43 F12
Young, Thomas ?, Arabella   Young 
44 F20
Young, Thomas Keith Irwin, Nellie Edith   Young 
45 F5
Young, Walter Herbert Wright, Annie E   Young 
46 F14
Young, William Bird, Elizabeth   Young 
47 F10
Young, William Reynard, Mary Ann 1 Sep 1846  Young 
48 F15
Young, William Henry Warburton, Mary Ellen 19 Jul 1879  Young