Rosalind's Family History

Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?, Sarah  1868Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0226 James 
2 Averill, Mary Ann  1849Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0055 James 
3 Bacon, Eliza  1851Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0406 James 
4 Bacon, Esther  1843Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0404 James 
5 Bacon, John  1849Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0405 James 
6 Butler, Ellen  1853Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0402 James 
7 Butler, Emma  1849Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I1160 James 
8 Butler, George  1857Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0403 James 
9 Butler, James  1859Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I1167 James 
10 Butler, Maria  1850Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0401 James 
11 Clapton, Charles  1814Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0212 James 
12 Clapton, Elizabeth Julie  1845Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0207 James 
13 Curtis, Charles  1847Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0277 James 
14 Hartwell, Ann  1832Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0400 James 
15 Hartwell, Eliza  1814Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0395 James 
16 Hartwell, Henry  1828Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0394 James 
17 Hartwell, John  1814Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0396 James 
18 Hartwell, Pamelia  1820Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0398 James 
19 Hartwell, Sarah  1826Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0399 James 
20 Hartwell, Thomas  1816Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0397 James 
21 Hedges, Ernest  1896Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0237 James 
22 Howell, Archibald  1900Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0317 James 
23 Howell, Charles Clofter  1874Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0209 James 
24 Howell, George Obed  1847Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0075 James 
25 Howell, George William  1873Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0208 James 
26 Howell, Minnie Sophia  1879Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0211 James 
27 Howell, Thomas Henry  1876Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0210 James 
28 Howl, William  1792Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0023 James 
29 Ivins, Charles  1840Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0358 James 
30 Ivins, Edward  1792Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0355 James 
31 Ivins, Helen  1846Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0359 James 
32 James, Alfred  1855Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0035 James 
33 James, Ellen  1852Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I1020 James 
34 James, Ellen  1864Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0040 James 
35 James, James  1859Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0037 James 
36 James, John  1870Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I1003 James 
37 James, Lucy Edith  1888Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I1012 James 
38 Smith, Annie  1877Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0341 James 
39 Smith, Frederick  1879Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0342 James 
40 Smith, Horace  1881Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0343 James 
41 Smith, Thomas  1853Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I1129 James 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 James, Frank Ewart  19 Mar 1983Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I0526 James 
2 Manners, Elizabeth  Oct 1846Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire. I1093 James