Kidderminster, Worcestershire


Tree: Bowen

Latitude: 52.388596, Longitude: -2.2496839000000364


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baldwin, Doris May  13 Aug 1928Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1566 Bowen 
2 Baldwin, Joan  17 Dec 1927Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1565 Bowen 
3 Callow, Florence Margery  5 Apr 1984Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1563 Bowen 
4 Clibbery, Anthony  14 Jan 1924Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1292 Bowen 
5 Clibbery, Gordon  1921Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1291 Bowen 
6 Haywood, Evelyn Violet  1906Kidderminster, Worcestershire I4 Bowen 
7 James, Edward Henry  1901Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1526 James 
8 James, Emma  1879Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1519 James 
9 James, Fanny  1881Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1521 James 
10 James, George Harry  1884Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1520 James 
11 James, Gerard John  1924Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1530 James 
12 James, Jane  1888Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1523 James 
13 James, John  1885Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1522 James 
14 James, Kathleen Ella  1898Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1525 James 
15 James, Kathleen Mona  1925Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1531 James 
16 James, Margaret Doris  1922Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1529 James 
17 James, Mary Hannah  1878Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1518 James 
18 James, Winifred Mary  1921Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1528 James 
19 Neal, Alfred  1892Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1527 Bowen 
20 Neal, Annie Elizaberh  1899Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1531 Bowen 
21 Neal, Beatrice Alice  1 Feb 1903Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1536 Bowen 
22 Neal, Dot  1897Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1530 Bowen 
23 Neal, Ellen  1885Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1522 Bowen 
24 Neal, Frank  1902Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1533 Bowen 
25 Neal, Fred  1893Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1526 Bowen 
26 Neal, George Edward  1889Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1523 Bowen 
27 Neal, Harold  1910Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1556 Bowen 
28 Neal, Henry  29 Apr 1879Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1520 Bowen 
29 Neal, Joseph  29 Sep 1882Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1521 Bowen 
30 Neal, Kathleen Mary  1920Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1560 Bowen 
31 Neal, Leonard  1896Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1529 Bowen 
32 Neal, May  22 May 1900Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1532 Bowen 
33 Neal, Nelly May  6 Dec 1915Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1559 Bowen 
34 Neal, Percy  1910Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1557 Bowen 
35 Neal, Phyllis  1905Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1537 Bowen 
36 Neal, Sarah Ann  1887Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1524 Bowen 
37 Neal, Thomas  1880Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1534 Bowen 
38 Neal, Thomas Henry  1908Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1538 Bowen 
39 Neal, Walter  29 Sep 1894Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1528 Bowen 
40 Neal, William Edwin  1891Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1525 Bowen 
41 Pritchett, Alice  10 Jan 1880Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1535 Bowen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barratt, Samuel  1862Kidderminster, Worcestershire I5 Bowen 
2 Bradley, Jane  1888Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1517 James 
3 Clibbery, Alexander Betteridge  18 Oct 1970Kidderminster, Worcestershire I070 Bowen 
4 Haywood, Caroline  1875Kidderminster, Worcestershire I505 Bowen 
5 Haywood, Olive  1907Kidderminster, Worcestershire I195 Bowen 
6 Haywood, Olive Mary  Oct 1977Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1051 Bowen 
7 James, George  29 Aug 1934Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1516 James 
8 James, George Harry  1884Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1520 James 
9 Law, Harriet Martha  22 Feb 1927Kidderminster, Worcestershire I592 Bowen 
10 Moule, William  1885Kidderminster, Worcestershire I11 Bowen 
11 Neal, Annie Elizaberh  1899Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1531 Bowen 
12 Neal, Dot  1898Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1530 Bowen 
13 Neal, Ellen  1960Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1522 Bowen 
14 Neal, Fred  1893Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1526 Bowen 
15 Neal, Harold  1910Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1556 Bowen 
16 Neal, Joseph  1951Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1521 Bowen 
17 Neal, Leonard Jack  Dec 2004Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1541 Bowen 
18 Neal, Percy  1910Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1557 Bowen 
19 Neal, Sarah Ann  1891Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1524 Bowen 
20 Neal, Thomas  1911Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1534 Bowen 
21 Neal, Walter  Oct 1989Kidderminster, Worcestershire I1528 Bowen 
22 Seagar, Florence Withnall  20 Nov 1918Kidderminster, Worcestershire I29 Bowen 
23 Yapp, Richard  1854Kidderminster, Worcestershire I679 Bowen 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Balchin / Haywood  1938Kidderminster, Worcestershire F24 Bowen 
2 Baldwin / Neal  1925Kidderminster, Worcestershire F391 Bowen 
3 Billingsley / Clibbery  1926Kidderminster, Worcestershire F042 Bowen 
4 Clibbery / Law  20 Sep1885Kidderminster, Worcestershire F032 Bowen 
5 Clibbery / Russell  1920Kidderminster, Worcestershire F13 Bowen 
6 Clibbery / Seagar  1916Kidderminster, Worcestershire F9 Bowen 
7 Clibbery / Timmis  1923Kidderminster, Worcestershire F12 Bowen 
8 Crowther / Baldwin  23 Aug 1949Kidderminster, Worcestershire F394 Bowen 
9 Giles / Clibbery  1915Kidderminster, Worcestershire F8 Bowen 
10 Goode / Barratt  1879Kidderminster, Worcestershire F395 Bowen 
11 Haywood / Muir  1911Kidderminster, Worcestershire F23 Bowen 
12 Haywood / Palmer  1935Kidderminster, Worcestershire F232 Bowen 
13 Higgins / Neal  1946Kidderminster, Worcestershire F388 Bowen 
14 James / Moore  27 Dec 1920Kidderminster, Worcestershire F403 James 
15 Jones / Haywood  1933Kidderminster, Worcestershire F241 Bowen 
16 Maund / Auty  1931Kidderminster, Worcestershire F253 Bowen 
17 McCarter / Baldwin  22 Mar 1948Kidderminster, Worcestershire F392 Bowen 
18 Morgan / Barratt  1871Kidderminster, Worcestershire F408 Bowen 
19 Neal / Barratt  1879Kidderminster, Worcestershire F380 Bowen 
20 Neal / Bowen  1916Kidderminster, Worcestershire F389 Bowen 
21 Neal / Callow  1929Kidderminster, Worcestershire F390 Bowen 
22 Neal / Drew  1939Kidderminster, Worcestershire F384 Bowen 
23 Neal / Garbett  1914Kidderminster, Worcestershire F387 Bowen 
24 Neal / Knight  1937Kidderminster, Worcestershire F382 Bowen 
25 Neal / Pember  1909Kidderminster, Worcestershire F386 Bowen 
26 Neal / Pritchett  1902Kidderminster, Worcestershire F381 Bowen 
27 Pardoe / Neal  1936Kidderminster, Worcestershire F385 Bowen 
28 Yapp / Haywood  8 Aug 1866Kidderminster, Worcestershire F011 Bowen 

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