Madeley, Shropshire


Tree: Bowen

Latitude: 52.6361820, Longitude: -2.4402850


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?, Mary  1817Madeley, Shropshire I1572 Kirkham 
2 Backshire, Fanny  1793Madeley, Shropshire I1775 Kirkham 
3 Bagshaw, Edward  1790Madeley, Shropshire I1990 Kirkham 
4 Bagshaw, Hannah  1817Madeley, Shropshire I1991 Kirkham 
5 Bagshaw, John  1819Madeley, Shropshire I1992 Kirkham 
6 Bagshaw, Mary  1821Madeley, Shropshire I1993 Kirkham 
7 Bould, Ann  21 Mar 1846Madeley, Shropshire I1402 Kirkham 
8 Bucknell, Ethel  1900Madeley, Shropshire I1713 Kirkham 
9 Bucknell, Herbert  1872Madeley, Shropshire I1646 Kirkham 
10 Churm, Ellen  1894Madeley, Shropshire I123 Kirkham 
11 Churm, Enoch Richard  1893Madeley, Shropshire I121 Kirkham 
12 Churm, Ethel Ida  1899Madeley, Shropshire I124 Kirkham 
13 Churm, Gladys May  1901Madeley, Shropshire I126 Kirkham 
14 Churm, Hannah  1900Madeley, Shropshire I125 Kirkham 
15 Churm, John Henry  1898Madeley, Shropshire I129 Kirkham 
16 Churm, Martha  1906Madeley, Shropshire I128 Kirkham 
17 Churm, Samuel  1895Madeley, Shropshire I122 Kirkham 
18 Churm, Sarah Jane  1903Madeley, Shropshire I127 Kirkham 
19 Davies, Arthur  1886Madeley, Shropshire I0598 Kirkham 
20 Davis, Fanny  1875Madeley, Shropshire I0576 Kirkham 
21 Davis, Hannah  1892Madeley, Shropshire I1902 Kirkham 
22 Davis, Sarah J  1888Madeley, Shropshire I0609 Kirkham 
23 Dorsett, Caroline  1819Madeley, Shropshire I1821 Kirkham 
24 Doughty, Ada  1873Madeley, Shropshire I1845 Kirkham 
25 Doughty, William  1875Madeley, Shropshire I1846 Kirkham 
26 Dudley, Arthur  1860Madeley, Shropshire I1823 Kirkham 
27 Dudley, Benjamin  1815Madeley, Shropshire I1809 Kirkham 
28 Dudley, Benjamin F  1889Madeley, Shropshire I1877 Kirkham 
29 Dudley, Clara Ellen  1885Madeley, Shropshire I360 Kirkham 
30 Dudley, George  1863Madeley, Shropshire I1824 Kirkham 
31 Dudley, Hannah  1820Madeley, Shropshire I1810 Kirkham 
32 Dudley, Isaac  1875Madeley, Shropshire I359 Kirkham 
33 Dudley, James Henry  1855Madeley, Shropshire I1822 Kirkham 
34 Dudley, Margaret Ann  1887Madeley, Shropshire I1876 Kirkham 
35 Dudley, Richard  1817Madeley, Shropshire I1811 Kirkham 
36 Dudley, William  1813Madeley, Shropshire I1996 Kirkham 
37 Evans, Margaret  1769Madeley, Shropshire I0953 Kirkham 
38 Fletcher, Hannah  1773Madeley, Shropshire I0997 Kirkham 
39 Fletcher, Hannah  1799Madeley, Shropshire I0975 Kirkham 
40 Geans, Ann  1874Madeley, Shropshire I1041 Kirkham 
41 Geans, Charles  1883Madeley, Shropshire I1085 Kirkham 
42 Geans, Emma  1885Madeley, Shropshire I1098 Kirkham 
43 Geans, Henry  1846Madeley, Shropshire I1030 Kirkham 
44 Geans, Henry  1881Madeley, Shropshire I1074 Kirkham 
45 Geans, John  1880Madeley, Shropshire I1063 Kirkham 
46 Geans, Lily  1890Madeley, Shropshire I1120 Kirkham 
47 Geans, Samuel George  1876Madeley, Shropshire I1052 Kirkham 
48 Geans, Walter  1892Madeley, Shropshire I1131 Kirkham 
49 Gough, Henrietta Ann  1908Madeley, Shropshire I192 Kirkham 
50 Gough, John Henry  1910Madeley, Shropshire I193 Kirkham 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Haynes, Sarah Ellen  26 Dec 1848Madeley, Shropshire I1421 Kirkham 
2 Kirkum, Ada  25 Nov 1849Madeley, Shropshire I115 Kirkham 
3 Kirkum, Adah  13 Mar 1853Madeley, Shropshire I2335 Kirkham 
4 Kirkum, Charles Henry  13 Sep 1857Madeley, Shropshire I2339 Kirkham 
5 Kirkum, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1848Madeley, Shropshire I1500 Kirkham 
6 Kirkum, Emma  16 Jan 1842Madeley, Shropshire I2331 Kirkham 
7 Kirkum, Enoch  14 Sep 1851Madeley, Shropshire I2336 Kirkham 
8 Kirkum, Mary  2 Jul 1845Madeley, Shropshire I1499 Kirkham 
9 Kirkum, Sarah  17 Oct 1847Madeley, Shropshire I1376 Kirkham 
10 Kirkum, Sarah  5 Nov 1851Madeley, Shropshire I1501 Kirkham 
11 Kirkum, William  26 Oct 1845Madeley, Shropshire I1372 Kirkham 
12 Onions, Ann  6 Jul 1817Madeley, Shropshire I1379 Kirkham 
13 Onions, Fanny  28 Mar1819Madeley, Shropshire I2431 Kirkham 
14 Onions, John  12 Dec 1813Madeley, Shropshire I1380 Kirkham 
15 Onions, Sarah  22 Jul 1810Madeley, Shropshire I1385 Kirkham 
16 Onions, Sarah  8 Oct 1815Madeley, Shropshire I1381 Kirkham 
17 Onions, William  1 Dec 1811Madeley, Shropshire I1383 Kirkham 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?, Rachel  1822Madeley, Shropshire I1567 Kirkham 
2 Backshire, Fanny  1858Madeley, Shropshire I1775 Kirkham 
3 Bagshaw, Edward  1866Madeley, Shropshire I1990 Kirkham 
4 Dudley, Clara Ellen  1886Madeley, Shropshire I360 Kirkham 
5 Dudley, Isaac  1878Madeley, Shropshire I359 Kirkham 
6 Dudley, Isaac  1886Madeley, Shropshire I1772 Kirkham 
7 Dudley, William  1881Madeley, Shropshire I1996 Kirkham 
8 Evans, Margaret  1841Madeley, Shropshire I0953 Kirkham 
9 Fletcher, Hannah  1840Madeley, Shropshire I0975 Kirkham 
10 Hodgkiss, Ann  1815Madeley, Shropshire I1918 Kirkham 
11 Jourdan, Mary  1825Madeley, Shropshire I2262 Kirkham 
12 Kirkham, Fanny  1831Madeley, Shropshire I1571 Kirkham 
13 Kirkum, Ada  1850Madeley, Shropshire I115 Kirkham 
14 Kirkum, George  1861Madeley, Shropshire I1377 Kirkham 
15 Onions, Charles  Dec 1818Madeley, Shropshire I1440 Kirkham 
16 Onions, Edwin  1823Madeley, Shropshire I1828 Kirkham 
17 Onions, Elizabeth  1823Madeley, Shropshire I1382 Kirkham 
18 Onions, Fanny  6 May 1888Madeley, Shropshire I2431 Kirkham 
19 Onions, Harriet  1878Madeley, Shropshire I1463 Kirkham 
20 Onions, Henry  1824Madeley, Shropshire I2436 Kirkham 
21 Onions, Henry  1839Madeley, Shropshire I1438 Kirkham 
22 Onions, James  1862Madeley, Shropshire I1433 Kirkham 
23 Onions, John  15 Jan 1815Madeley, Shropshire I1380 Kirkham 
24 Onions, John  1857Madeley, Shropshire I1522 Kirkham 
25 Onions, Reuben  1829Madeley, Shropshire I1430 Kirkham 
26 Onions, Rosanne  1763Madeley, Shropshire I1521 Kirkham 
27 Onions, Sarah  28 Apr 1814Madeley, Shropshire I1385 Kirkham 
28 Onions, Sarah  1854Madeley, Shropshire I1528 Kirkham 
29 Onions, William  1824Madeley, Shropshire I2435 Kirkham 
30 Onions, William  1829Madeley, Shropshire I1383 Kirkham 
31 Onions, William  1852Madeley, Shropshire I2432 Kirkham 
32 Thorpe, Elizabeth  1779Madeley, Shropshire I2565 Kirkham 
33 Yeomans, Elizabeth  1848Madeley, Shropshire I1435 Kirkham 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bray / Bray  1898Madeley, Shropshire F20 Bowen 
2 Bray / Lewes  1860Madeley, Shropshire F17 Bowen 
3 Bray / Merrick  1864Madeley, Shropshire F18 Bowen 
4 Churm / Keen  1915Madeley, Shropshire F266 Kirkham 
5 Churm / Millward  1919Madeley, Shropshire F267 Kirkham 
6 Churm / Nickless  1892Madeley, Shropshire F247 Kirkham 
7 Churm / Roberts  1927Madeley, Shropshire F269 Kirkham 
8 Duce / Churm  1928Madeley, Shropshire F270 Kirkham 
9 Dudley / Boden  1865Madeley, Shropshire F226 Kirkham 
10 Dudley / Dorsett  1846Madeley, Shropshire F163 Kirkham 
11 Dudley / Jones  1886Madeley, Shropshire F164 Kirkham 
12 Ellis / Parsons  1902Madeley, Shropshire F232 Kirkham 
13 Gough / Onions  1905Madeley, Shropshire F287 Kirkham 
14 Haynes / Onions  15 Nov 1846Madeley, Shropshire F079 Kirkham 
15 Humphries / Powis  1851Madeley, Shropshire F301 Kirkham 
16 Kirkum / Fletcher  5 Jan1834Madeley, Shropshire F003 Kirkham 
17 Kirkum / Onions  24 Jan 1841Madeley, Shropshire F025 Kirkham 
18 Parrock / Sadler  1856Madeley, Shropshire F112 Bowen 
19 Rhodes / Churm  1913Madeley, Shropshire F268 Kirkham 
20 Stephan / Humphries  1883Madeley, Shropshire F306 Kirkham 

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