Rosalind's Family History

Pershore, Worcestershire.


Tree: James

Latitude: 52.109994, Longitude: -2.0748140000000603


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrews, James  1816Pershore, Worcestershire. I0488 James 
2 Andrews, William  1785Pershore, Worcestershire. I0663 James 
3 Clee, James  1730Pershore, Worcestershire. I1182 James 
4 Clee, Sarah  1763Pershore, Worcestershire. I1174 James 
5 Clee, Thomas  1700Pershore, Worcestershire. I1193 James 
6 Cowley, Florence Amelia  9 Apr 1923Pershore, Worcestershire. I1175 James 
7 Fletcher, Francis George  1869Pershore, Worcestershire. I0449 James 
8 Fletcher, Jas  1871Pershore, Worcestershire. I0450 James 
9 Kings, Albert  1851Pershore, Worcestershire. I0491 James 
10 Kings, Annie  1849Pershore, Worcestershire. I0490 James 
11 Kings, Doris M  1931Pershore, Worcestershire. I73 James 
12 Kings, Elizabeth  1840Pershore, Worcestershire. I0443 James 
13 Kings, Elizabeth (Betty)  1792Pershore, Worcestershire. I1075 James 
14 Kings, Ellen  1918Pershore, Worcestershire. I69 James 
15 Kings, Henry  1921Pershore, Worcestershire. I70 James 
16 Kings, James  1838Pershore, Worcestershire. I0422 James 
17 Kings, James  1915Pershore, Worcestershire. I67 James 
18 Kings, Matilda  1836Pershore, Worcestershire. I0413 James 
19 Kings, Maud E  1916Pershore, Worcestershire. I68 James 
20 Kings, Phyliis  1923Pershore, Worcestershire. I72 James 
21 Kings, Robert  1816Pershore, Worcestershire. I0411 James 
22 Kings, Sarah  1826Pershore, Worcestershire. I0667 James 
23 Kings, William  1816Pershore, Worcestershire. I0486 James 
24 Kings, William  1923Pershore, Worcestershire. I71 James