Wellington, Shropshire


Tree: Kirkham

Latitude: 52.703034, Longitude: -2.5185969999999998

Tree: Bowen

Latitude: 52.7030340, Longitude: -2.5185970


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bailey, Winifred M  30 Mar 1918Wellington, Shropshire I821 Kirkham 
2 Bray, Alice Maud  30 Aug 1887Wellington, Shropshire I2777 Bowen 
3 Brickley, Sarah  1806Wellington, Shropshire I69 Kirkham 
4 Candlin, Bridget  1802Wellington, Shropshire I38 Kirkham 
5 Corbett, Alice  1867Wellington, Shropshire I55 Kirkham 
6 Corbett, Alice  1874Wellington, Shropshire I57 Kirkham 
7 Corbett, Ann  1832Wellington, Shropshire I42 Kirkham 
8 Corbett, Annie  1865Wellington, Shropshire I863 Kirkham 
9 Corbett, Celia  1791Wellington, Shropshire I31 Kirkham 
10 Corbett, Edmund  1843Wellington, Shropshire I0458 Kirkham 
11 Corbett, Edward  1762Wellington, Shropshire I1009 Kirkham 
12 Corbett, Edward  1789Wellington, Shropshire I0480 Kirkham 
13 Corbett, Eliza  1827Wellington, Shropshire I45 Kirkham 
14 Corbett, Elizabeth  1787Wellington, Shropshire I1015 Kirkham 
15 Corbett, Elizabeth Louise  1860Wellington, Shropshire I52 Kirkham 
16 Corbett, Ellen Hannah  1862Wellington, Shropshire I862 Kirkham 
17 Corbett, Emanuel  1783Wellington, Shropshire I1017 Kirkham 
18 Corbett, Emariath  1793Wellington, Shropshire I29 Kirkham 
19 Corbett, Emmanuel  1757Wellington, Shropshire I1010 Kirkham 
20 Corbett, Enoch  1865Wellington, Shropshire I54 Kirkham 
21 Corbett, George  1830Wellington, Shropshire I41 Kirkham 
22 Corbett, George  1832Wellington, Shropshire I72 Kirkham 
23 Corbett, Harriet  1831Wellington, Shropshire I1883 Kirkham 
24 Corbett, Harriot  1831Wellington, Shropshire I71 Kirkham 
25 Corbett, James  1799Wellington, Shropshire I34 Kirkham 
26 Corbett, James  1835Wellington, Shropshire I43 Kirkham 
27 Corbett, James  1837Wellington, Shropshire I74 Kirkham 
28 Corbett, James  1858Wellington, Shropshire I51 Kirkham 
29 Corbett, John  1790Wellington, Shropshire I1016 Kirkham 
30 Corbett, John  1843Wellington, Shropshire I46 Kirkham 
31 Corbett, Julia Anne  1856Wellington, Shropshire I50 Kirkham 
32 Corbett, Margaret  1794Wellington, Shropshire I28 Kirkham 
33 Corbett, Margaret  1839Wellington, Shropshire I75 Kirkham 
34 Corbett, Mary  1754Wellington, Shropshire I1008 Kirkham 
35 Corbett, Mary Ann  1850Wellington, Shropshire I861 Kirkham 
36 Corbett, Noah  1850Wellington, Shropshire I48 Kirkham 
37 Corbett, Phillis  1759Wellington, Shropshire I1012 Kirkham 
38 Corbett, Rebecca  1764Wellington, Shropshire I1011 Kirkham 
39 Corbett, Rebecca  1796Wellington, Shropshire I32 Kirkham 
40 Corbett, Richard  1758Wellington, Shropshire I1013 Kirkham 
41 Corbett, Sarah  1799Wellington, Shropshire I30 Kirkham 
42 Corbett, Sarah  1834Wellington, Shropshire I73 Kirkham 
43 Corbett, Selina  1854Wellington, Shropshire I49 Kirkham 
44 Corbett, William  1797Wellington, Shropshire I33 Kirkham 
45 Corbett, William  1826Wellington, Shropshire I70 Kirkham 
46 Corbett, William  1841Wellington, Shropshire I44 Kirkham 
47 Corbett, William  1861Wellington, Shropshire I26 Kirkham 
48 Fletcher, Mary Jane  1850Wellington, Shropshire I1559 Kirkham 
49 Higgs, Lois  1852Wellington, Shropshire I56 Kirkham 
50 North, Chrisopher  1763Wellington, Shropshire I399 Bowen 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Corbett, Annie  19 Jul 1865Wellington, Shropshire I863 Kirkham 
2 Corbett, Celia  13 Feb 1791Wellington, Shropshire I31 Kirkham 
3 Corbett, Edward  10 Oct 1762Wellington, Shropshire I1009 Kirkham 
4 Corbett, Elizabeth  22 Apr 1787Wellington, Shropshire I1015 Kirkham 
5 Corbett, Ellen Hannah  15 Jan 1862Wellington, Shropshire I862 Kirkham 
6 Corbett, Emanuel  9 Mar 1783Wellington, Shropshire I1017 Kirkham 
7 Corbett, Emmanuel  17 Apr 1757Wellington, Shropshire I1010 Kirkham 
8 Corbett, James  17 Mar 1799Wellington, Shropshire I34 Kirkham 
9 Corbett, John  2 May 1790Wellington, Shropshire I1016 Kirkham 
10 Corbett, Mary  21 Jul 1754Wellington, Shropshire I1008 Kirkham 
11 Corbett, Phillis  29 Apr 1759Wellington, Shropshire I1012 Kirkham 
12 Corbett, Rebecca  18 Apr 1764Wellington, Shropshire I1011 Kirkham 
13 Corbett, Richard  13 Sep 1758Wellington, Shropshire I1013 Kirkham 
14 North, Chrisopher  9 Feb 1763Wellington, Shropshire I399 Bowen 
15 Perry, Emma  27 Jan 1819Wellington, Shropshire I1632 Kirkham 
16 Perry, Jane  21 Jun 1826Wellington, Shropshire I1633 Kirkham 
17 Perry, John  29 Sep 1822Wellington, Shropshire I2487 Kirkham 
18 Perry, Mary Ann  27 Jan 1819Wellington, Shropshire I1631 Kirkham 
19 Perry, Samuel  9 Jan 1793Wellington, Shropshire I2497 Kirkham 
20 Perry, Sarah  9 Jan 1793Wellington, Shropshire I896 Kirkham 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bailey, Winifred M  20 May 2007Wellington, Shropshire I821 Kirkham 
2 Beardmore, Rose  5 Jan 1962Wellington, Shropshire I1001 Bowen 
3 Bray, Arthur  1940Wellington, Shropshire I775 Bowen 
4 Churm, John Henry  Apr 1972Wellington, Shropshire I129 Kirkham 
5 Corbett, Eliza  1895Wellington, Shropshire I0469 Kirkham 
6 Corbett, Harriet  1843Wellington, Shropshire I1883 Kirkham 
7 Corbett, James  1871Wellington, Shropshire I34 Kirkham 
8 Corbett, Mary  1761Wellington, Shropshire I1008 Kirkham 
9 Perry, Emma  1850Wellington, Shropshire I2490 Kirkham 
10 Perry, Mary Ann  Oct 1833Wellington, Shropshire I1631 Kirkham 
11 Willder, Lily  2 Sep 1986Wellington, Shropshire I1887 Bowen 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Corbett, Mary  9 Aug 1761Wellington, Shropshire I1008 Kirkham 
2 Perry, Mary Ann  18 Oct 1833Wellington, Shropshire I1631 Kirkham 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   17 Jun 1805Wellington, Shropshire F495 Kirkham 
2 Bray / Bathurst  1905Wellington, Shropshire F21 Bowen 
3 Breeze / Bray  1858Wellington, Shropshire F22 Bowen 
4 Callear / Churm  1939Wellington, Shropshire F445 Kirkham 
5 Chambers / Corbett  1882Wellington, Shropshire F457 Kirkham 
6 Churm / Bailey  1942Wellington, Shropshire F447 Kirkham 
7 Churm / Jones  1945Wellington, Shropshire F446 Kirkham 
8 Corbett / Bostock  23 Sep 1753Wellington, Shropshire F493 Kirkham 
9 Corbett / Brickley  24 Mar 1823Wellington, Shropshire F16 Kirkham 
10 Corbett / Candlin  18 May 1824Wellington, Shropshire F12 Kirkham 
11 Corbett / Ferriday  1883Wellington, Shropshire F463 Kirkham 
12 Corbett / Hazels  16 Apr 1781Wellington, Shropshire F494 Kirkham 
13 Corbett / Hollyhead  1849Wellington, Shropshire F455 Kirkham 
14 Corbett / Johnson  10 Jul 1817Wellington, Shropshire F221 Kirkham 
15 Corbett / Mansell  1847Wellington, Shropshire F454 Kirkham 
16 Corbett / Pemberton  1853Wellington, Shropshire F13 Kirkham 
17 Corbett / Thomas  17 Jun 1805Wellington, Shropshire F496 Kirkham 
18 Corbett / Watkis  15 Feb 1819Wellington, Shropshire F11 Kirkham 
19 Kirkum / Hart  2 May 1956Wellington, Shropshire F360 Kirkham 
20 Kirkum / Small  1838Wellington, Shropshire F029 Kirkham 
21 Nickless / Cooper  1864Wellington, Shropshire F240 Kirkham 

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